SCRY is a pioneering footwear laboratory, founded in 2020. SCRY lab takes footwear as the research object to explore the possibilities of future design and manufacturing. Working on the intersection of art, design, technology, culture, and environment, we try to bring cutting-edge innovation into real life.We created “Digital Embryo” as the underlying structure of digital design and manufacture for the footwear industry. SCRY Shuttle is the first creation under this system architecture, which is the world first pair of integrated additive manufacturing footwear that is actually wearable.

  • Digital Embryo studies the intersection of digital design, materials science, and future needs, with the aim of exploring new models for design and manufacturing. Data as the core, through every part of the design to manufacturing. Each creation is like the birth of a new and different life. At the same time, cutting-edge additive manufacturing technology also gives this "population" the ability to rapidly evolve and iterate, thus accelerating the exploration of future possibilities.

  • Under the digital embryo framework, a virtual version of a project can be released before it is born in the real world. Design no longer struggles with the costs of mold opening, time waste, and environmental pollution. Excellent design is no longer stuck in the sketch, everything will be possible.

  • Digital embryo aims to construct an underlying framework for fully digital footwear design and manufacture. It is not targeted at a particular pair of shoes, but a common underlying system architecture, a system architecture with ultra-high customization capability, rapid design iteration capability, and high design freedom.

  • This is the future direction of the footwear industry that SCRY™ believes. We are not predicting the future, we are creating the future.