SCRY × Heliot Emil 2022FW

March 3, 2022, SCRY and HELIOT EMIL launched the 3D printed footwear collaboration at the 2022AW Paris Fashion Week at the Palais de Tokyo. Based on the concept of " Solitary Uniform", under the technical framework of "Digital Embryo" of SCRY, taking the “Integrated Additive Manufactured Footwear” as the carrier, exploring the contradiction between "Individual" independence and "Uniform" unity.

SCRY × Sankuanz 2022AW

Based on the concept of Symbiosis and Coexistence, SCRY collaborated with SANKUANZ 2022AW released the Bones footwear collection. Shoes and design fragments coexist within the framework of "Digital Embryo" technology, compatible with different contour appearance.