The brand new packaging for SCRY CORE is an airbag design made up of TPU waterproof fabric. The airbag has a total of five circulating air chambers and an independent bottom air chamber, which wraps CORE around for protection, reducing collision and squeezes during transportation.

With sustainability, the matte TPU fabric is designed environmental-friendly for nondisposable use.

SCRY will still provide name customization services for our project participants. You can leave your customized information (within 10 English characters) on the ordering page, and we will print it on the outer surface of the airbag.

SCRY continues to explore new possibilities for customization. The exclusive ID card as a virtual wearing medium and digital asset certification for CORE collectors will be included in the airbag packaging.

Scan the identification point with the official Instagram (@scry_lab) filter to activate the virtual asset launcher.