• SCRY Chaos Handbag "Lunar"
  • SCRY Chaos Handbag "Lunar"
  • SCRY Chaos Handbag "Lunar"

SCRY Chaos Handbag "Lunar"

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SCRY Chaos Handbag is an integrated 3D printing bag designed with a large number of complex and disordered chaotic mesh structure as design elements.

Size: 27cm*36cm*11.8cm  (inner size:22cm*36cm*6cm)

As this product is pre-sale, which will take 30 to 60 working days to deliver.

Due to the customized nature of this project, no return or replacement service can be provided for the time being. Please kindly understand before placing the order.

Due to the cutting-edge additive manufacturing process, the shoe body might have the following situations, which do not affect the normal use. Please understand they are not flaws or dirt.

The sole might have irregularly polished texture, the vamp is slightly deformed, the vamp have certain printing texture, or the shoe mouth has slight deformation.